Supermarket Accident Causing Back Injuries with Resulting Surgeries

Jennifer sustained serious back injuries which required several surgeries as a result of 40 plus pounds of beer falling on her back as she was stocking shelves. Jennifer is confident that no attorney other than Susan Handel could have handled her case. Jennifer stated that she is set for life because of the large settlement Susan obtained for her. Jennifer also states that Susan was extremely knowledgeable about all legal aspects of her case and gave her unsurpassed personal attention as well. Jennifer believes that Susan is the best.

I used to work for a grocery store when, accidentally, a 40 pound case of bottles of beer fell on my lower back, which resulted in an injury, which led down to several surgeries. When that beer hit me, it knocked me right to my feet. I thought somebody had punched me. I had no idea what was going on. Originally, I hired a lawyer. I did a lot of the work. I felt like I was his personal secretary. I did all the work on my case. I was very unhappy, very confused, very frustrated. I had a really bad feeling about him. I was just very uncomfortable. I didn’t trust him. He wouldn’t look at me. He would avoid questions, and he would cut it really short. He’d act like he was really busy, had a lot of clients, he was really working hard for me, but he wasn’t. I found out my lawyer was going to settle my case for peanuts. I was really disgusted, shocked, and didn’t realize he could do this without me even knowing that he was in the process of settling this, without even telling me. That was the last straw for me, and fortunately a friend referred me to Susan Handell, and the rest was history. Susan is extremely passionate about her job and clients. She knows her law, and she could answer any of my questions. She always called me, always kept me informed, always made me feel really good, that I was the most important thing. She was working for me, and that’s all that mattered. I didn’t feel like a number or another client. I was just so confident in her professionalism and her dedication. To me, she was so special, and I bonded with her. I feel like she’s my friend. I feel like I have a lifetime friend. I don’t believe that any lawyer could have handled my case better than Susan. The results were superb. I’m set for life. I don’t have to worry, and that is a feeling beyond belief not to have to worry about anything. I would and I do strongly recommend Susan to anybody that’s been hurt in an accident, who’s seriously injured, and wants results.

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