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Aloha Everyone,

Over the past week, you may have heard about the tragic wildfires that have devasted the island of Maui. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those who have been affected by this tragedy.

If you have lost a loved one in the Maui Wildfires, please accept our deepest condolences. The loss of a family member or friend is devastating under any circumstances. However, when their death was caused by the recklessness of someone else, such as an electric or power company, it is compounded with a deep sense of injustice.

The law allows a claim to be brought for the wrongful death of a family member or friend, when the death is due to a negligently caused fire. In the aftermath of the wrongful death of a loved one, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to engage in your normal daily living activities. Susan Handel, Maui Wildfire Attorney, is a highly skilled and exceptional wrongful death lawyer who is experienced with fire cases and will work hard and tirelessly so that you and your family can take the time to grieve and not be overwhelmed with the legal complexities of your situation.

Susan Handel, Maui Wildfire Attorney, has experience in an extensive range of wrongful death cases, including, but not limited to, those resulting from fires.

The family of a wrongful death victim involved in a fire should contact Susan Handel, Maui Wildfire Attorney, immediately and she will fully assess the ramifications of your loss and make certain that you are more than fairly compensated. Susan Handel, Maui Wildfire Attorney, believes those that are responsible for the injuries or wrongful death of another should be held accountable to the fullest extent that the law provides.

Susan Handel, Maui Wildfire Attorney, is presently in Hawaii investigating the recent tragic Maui Wildfires.

The death toll from the Maui Wildfires currently stands at 96, but unfortunately, is expected to rise substantially.

Here’s what we know so far:

1) The Maui Wildfires are the deadliest in the US in more than a century, surpassing California’s 2018 Camp Fire, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

2) While the deadly Maui Wildfires spread rapidly into neighborhoods, the largest siren system in the world was silent. Emergency communications with residents were largely limited to mobile phones and broadcasters at a time when most power and cell service was already knocked out. As people fled for their lives, Hawaii’s network of about 400 alarms, meant to alert residents to tsunamis and other natural disasters, was never activated, according to the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency.

3) A Wildfire protection plan for the area that had been written in 2014 by the Hawaii Wildfire Management Organization, a nonprofit that works with government agencies, warned that Lahaina was among Maui’s most fire-prone areas because of its proximity to parched grasslands, steep terrain and frequent winds.  However, very few of the plan’s recommendations were ever implemented.

4) The state’s main electric provider, Hawaiian Electric, is facing a lawsuit claiming power lines blown over by high winds helped to cause the destructive Lahaina Wildfire, though an official cause of the Maui Wildfire has not yet been determined.

5) Hawaii’s emergency management agency reported last year the risk posed by wildfires to human life was low. Officials underestimated the deadly threat of Wildfires even as they acknowledged a lack of necessary resources to mitigate them.

6) The fire danger from passing hurricanes in Hawaii was documented in a 2020 report by researchers at the University of Hawaii and the East-West Center, which tied a 2018 outbreak of fires on both Maui and Oahu to winds from Hurricane Lane. However, these findings were also largely ignored.

7) The Maui Wildfire disaster started when simultaneous wildfires began spreading erratically, suddenly engulfing homes, forcing harrowing escapes and displacing thousands. The most destructive and deadly of the fires, the Lahaina Wildfire, traveled at an extraordinary speed. When the winds rose up, winds gusting as high as 81 miles per hour, caused fires to spread rapidly at close to one mile every minute.  The flames jumped across highways and suddenly showed up in people’s yards and homes.


  • Death of a family member
  • Burn and other injuries
  • Loss of employment
  • Loss of your home
  • Loss of your business
  • Insurance claims denied in regard to your auto, home, and/or business
  • Psychological trauma regarding the Maui Wildfire
  • Tourists who have been burned, injured, or otherwise damaged by the Maui Wildfire

If you believe that you have a valid claim, it is essential that your interests are represented by an experienced attorney promptly.

In the event that you or someone you know experienced losses due to the Maui Wildfire, please contact our office immediately for a free, confidential case evaluation.

We are here to assist you in any way we can.

Susan Handel, Maui Wildfire Attorney, has the resources, knowledge, and experience to handle the most complex fire claim. If you have questions regarding a wrongful death, injuries and/or losses caused by the Maui Wildfires, please contact Susan Handel, Maui Wildfire Attorney immediately.

Susan Handel, Maui Wildfire Attorney, is available Toll Free anywhere from Hawaii at (800) 564-1164.  She can also be reached by email at [email protected].  For your convenience, Susan Handel, Maui Wildfire Attorney, can be made available for a free, confidential consultation via telephone, via hospital, at your home, at our office and via zoom.


If you would like to assist and contribute to the relief efforts, we have included a list of reputable foundations that are accepting donations as follows:

Maui Strong – Hawaii Community Foundation

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Donate – Maui Food Bank

Donate – Maui Humane Society

Donate to Maui County Fire Recovery (