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California motorcycle accident lawyerSusan Handel focuses her practice in helping victims who have been severely injured or killed as a result of motorcycle accidents.  Susan Handel has the experience, resources and knowledge to handle large, complex and difficult cases, while at the same time maintaining the compassion and understanding to recognize the significant impact these cases have on her clients and their families.  Susan Handel is widely regarded as an expert personal injury attorney with a record of very successful results for her clients who have been involved in motorcycle accidents.  Susan Handel has a staff that will do everything possible to get her clients through the physical, financial and emotional challenges they face after a motorcycle accident. Susan Handel hires the best experts, and utilizes the most current technology in order to give her clients an advantage over the opposing insurance company.  Susan Handel will recognize the unique circumstances involved in your motorcycle case and ensure that you will receive the superior compensation that you deserve.

All too often due to facts surrounding motorcycle accidents, the motorcyclist is held liable for the incident even though it was not their fault.  Motorcycle accident cases challenge Susan Handel to overcome the often unfair myths and prejudices many have against motorcyclists. Motorcyclists have the same rights and privileges on the road as other motorists. Susan Handel is absolutely committed to protecting the legal rights of riders who have been injured by the negligent actions of others and will defend you aggressively against the unfair accusations of the other driver’s insurance company.

Because of the lack of physical protection offered on a motorcycle, the injury sustained will often be more serious and complex, requiring expert medical recognition and evaluation. Susan Handel has access to the country’s best medical experts.  For those in need of medical assistance, Susan Handel can provide excellent medical referrals at no up-front cost to you.

Injuries Resulting from San Diego Motorcycle Accidents

When a motorcyclist is involved in a collision with an automobile or truck, the result is almost always a catastrophic injury or fatality. Because motorcyclists do not have the impact-reducing shell that automobile drivers have to protect them during accidents, motorcycle riders are at an increased risk for severe injuries. Additionally, motorcycles are not equipped with safety features such as seatbelts and airbags. This results in riders suffering extensive injuries as a result of being thrown from their bike and colliding with another vehicle or the hard asphalt. Motorcyclists traveling at high speeds with little to protect them from the hard asphalt or another vehicle in the event of an accident are very vulnerable to severe injuries such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), disfigurement, broken bones, road rash, spinal cord injuries, and even death.

Road rash is one of the most common injuries suffered by motorcycle riders. Failure to wear a helmet makes motorcyclists particularly vulnerable to traumatic brain injuries, or TBI, in the event of an accident. TBI is a serious brain injury that can affect personality, speech, cognitive thinking, motor skills, and all abilities. Many patients with TBI are no longer able to work; most of those require full-time care and suffer extreme financial hardship as a result of the mounting medical bills. The emotional trauma resulting from such a brain injury often affects the victim’s family as well.

Motorcycle Accident Compensation

Motorcycle accidents can be sudden, tragic, life-changing events.  If an accident is due to someone else’s negligence, you have a right to pursue monetary damages in a number of areas including, but not limited to the following:

      • Lost wages, both past and future
      • Medical expenses, both past and future
      • Pain and suffering, both past and future
      • Mental anguish, both past and future
      • Damage to property
      • Funeral expenses
      • Loss of quality of life

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San Diego Motorcycle Accident Statistics

California Motorcycle Statistics
Riding a motorcycle can be a risky proposition, as you are exposed and vulnerable when on the road. If you are a motorcyclist, or are considering getting your motorcycle license, you should be mindful of these risks so that you can take appropriate precautions to ensure your safety. However, while understanding the risk that you face is crucial to avoiding injury, it is also important that riders are aware of their legal rights. Being cognizant of these facts can help in the event of an accident, as knowing your rights will help you assert them. Forfeiting your rights after an accident, or falsely taking responsibility, can jeopardize your chances of recovering just and fair compensation for injuries sustained.  Get to know the San Diego motorcycle statistics and be aware of the risks.

  • Because of the lack of physical protection offered on a motorcycle, the injury sustained will often be serious and sometimes fatal
  • Failure of motorists to detect motorcycles in traffic is one of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents
  • One out of five motorcycle crashes results in head or neck injuries
  • Helmets reduce the number and severity of head injuries by 50%
  • Helmeted motorcyclists are three times more likely to survive head injuries than those not wearing helmets
  • Most motorcycle accidents are caused at speeds lower than 30 miles per hour
  • Motorcyclists represent 1% of traffic but account for 19% of motor vehicle deaths and serious injuries
  • Most crashes happen on short trips (less than 5 miles long), just a few minutes after starting out
  • Motorcyclists are about 32 times more likely than passenger car occupants to die in a traffic crash and 6 times more likely to be injured

What if the motorcyclist was not wearing a helmet or other safety gear, but was not at fault?

A motorcyclist can still be compensated for their injuries, even if he or she was not wearing a helmet. Even in states where helmet use is mandatory, motorcyclists can still recover damages if they were not at fault for the accident. However, helmets are recommended in every state and the other driver’s insurance company will likely argue that some of your injuries were caused more by you not wearing a helmet, than by the accident itself. If this argument is successful, it can decrease the amount of money you are awarded as compensation for medical treatment, pain and suffering, and lost wages. Susan Handel is an experienced motorcycle accident attorney and will know how to combat these arguments and defend you aggressively against the unfair accusations of the other driver’s insurance company.

What Should you do if an Insurance Representative Contacts You after Your Motorcycle Accident?

After a motorcycle accident, victims may be contacted by the other driver’s insurance representatives. Insurance companies are in danger of losing massive amounts of money as a result of these accidents, and will vigorously work to protect their financial interests. Therefore, it is important that you contact an attorney before speaking with the insurance company. Motorcycle accident attorney Susan Handel can advise you of your rights and work to ensure that any financial settlement with an insurance company is superior and fair.

What Should I Do After a Motorcycle Accident?

motorbike accident
It is extremely important that you follow some basic rules beginning at the scene of the motorcycle accident, so you do not jeopardize your health and your right to compensation.

  • Stay at the scene of the motorcycle accident and wait for a police officer to come and make a full report of your accident.  The existence of a police report will strengthen your case.
  • Seek medical attention immediately.  Obtaining a complete examination from a doctor as soon as possible will serve two purposes.  First, the doctor can often detect injuries that you may not have noticed until several days after the accident and will be more easily treated if caught early; and second, a doctor’s examination will automatically create a complete medical record of any injuries you sustain during this accident and this will strengthen your case.
  • Get complete information from everyone at the scene of the motorcycle accident.  Obtain the name, address, telephone number, driver’s license number, and insurance information of all of the drivers involved in the motorcycle accident, as well as the names of any emergency personnel and the contact information of any witnesses.
  • Do not admit guilt or sign any statements without talking to a lawyer first.  Be cooperative with the police, other drivers and emergency personnel at the scene of the motorcycle accident, but don’t say anything that can later be used as evidence to prove that you were responsible for an accident that wasn’t your fault.
  • Take photographs of your injuries and damage to your motorcycle. These photographs work best as evidence when they are taken at the scene of the motorcycle accident, but they can also be taken after the fact if you are severely injured and need immediate hospitalization.
  • Keep complete records of medical expenses and other costs related to your accident which can be used as evidence to help you verify these damages.
  • Contact your insurance company and report the accident so they can begin processing your claim.  Make sure you give this information to your insurance company with an attorney’s assistance at the time you give the statement in order not to prejudice your claim.  Your own insurance company is in the business to make money, they are not there to assist you no matter how nice they may seem. They are looking to find ways to getting out of paying you the compensation you deserve-don’t be one of their victims!
  • Contact Susan Handel immediately.

What You Should NOT Do after You Have Been Involved in a Motorcycle Accident

      • Do not panic.  Remain calm and call for help.
      • Do not leave the scene of the accident.
      • Do not discuss the accident with anyone but the police and your attorney.
      • Do not speak to anyone from the at-fault party’s insurance company without an attorney.
      • Do not sign any papers from an insurance company or agree to a settlement without an attorney.

  • Do not wait.  Contact Susan Handel immediately.

Motorcycle Accident Compensation

Motorcycle accidents can be sudden, tragic, life-changing events. Susan Handel understands that no monetary compensation can make up for the loss of one’s health or worse, the loss of a loved one. She also understands that victims of motorcycle accidents often face staggering medical costs, extensive property damage, and other financial and emotional hardships. Susan Handel can help motorcycle accident victims recover superior compensation for past and future medical care, past and future lost wages, loss of support, pain and suffering, funeral expenses, and any other damages associated with your motorcycle accident.

In appropriate cases out of court settlements will be obtained for our clients, but if it is in your best interests to take the case to trial, Susan Handel has the resources, knowledge and experience to do so. Susan Handel will be pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding your motorcycle accident. You deserve the very best, so call Susan Handel now for your free, confidential consultation. For your convenience, Susan Handel also provides in person, free, confidential consultations in your home or at the hospital.

Should I trust an Insurance Company?

Absolutely not! Insurance companies are in the business to make money, they are not there to assist you. In order to avoid paying for the full extent and treatment of your personal injuries, insurance companies often try to settle quickly after a motorcycle accident, before the full extent of your injuries are apparent. The insurance companies are very sophisticated in how they go about setting up a claim, but their number one goal is to pay you as little as possible, and even nothing, if they can get away with that! If you try to go up against a large insurance company without knowing the system, you are not going to be treated fairly and you will not obtain the motorcycle accident compensation you deserve. Don’t be one of their victims.

Dealing with insurance companies

If a negligent vehicle operator causes an injury but is not insured, he or she may be required to pay for the damages resulting from the accident they caused. However, if that person is covered by automobile liability insurance, his or her insurance company will be responsible for paying the damages that the injured person proves are caused by the accident based on available insurance. However, the insurance companies fight injury cases vigorously because they want to avoid paying money to you. Unless the injured person can prove that the other driver was negligent, that negligence actually caused the accident, and that their injuries were caused by the accident, an insurance company will never pay. Even when liability for the accident is completely clear, insurance companies very often dispute the amount of damages an injured person must prove – not only the amount of damages, but the extent of the damages as well.

Experienced motorcycle accident lawyer Susan Handel will not only put together the facts with which to prove negligence, but she will gather all the applicable information including insurance coverage, medical records, wage losses, and assemble the damage evidence in a manner which will persuade the insurance company to pay the maximum reasonable compensation for your injuries suffered. If an out of court settlement is not possible, then a jury trial will result.

Why You Need a San Diego Motorcycle Lawyer

You need to get the advice from attorney Susan Handel immediately after a motorcycle accident in order to avoid making mistakes which may affect your ability to receive superior compensation for the injuries you sustained in your accident. There is no charge for an initial consultation with Susan Handel, so you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by speaking with her immediately after your motorcycle accident.

One of the worst mistakes that motorcycle accident victims make is thinking they are guaranteed to receive fair compensation from insurance companies and responsible parties. Unfortunately, the insurance companies, even your own, are in the business to make money-they are not there to assist you. Trying to “go it alone” can lead to a very unfair relationship between you and the insurance company. Keep in mind that the insurance companies have armies of adjusters, defense lawyers, and claims representatives whose number one goal is to pay you as little as possible and even nothing when you present your personal injury claim. Susan Handel’s goal is completely the opposite. She will see to it that you receive excellent medical care at no up-front cost to you and that you obtain superior recovery for your injuries.

Claims adjusters will be acting immediately to find ways to reduce the value of your claim. They will ask to take a recorded statement from you to get your description of the motorcycle accident. Later they will turn that around and use it against you if they can.

It is common practice for an insurance company to contact you immediately after a motorcycle accident and make a premature, low ball settlement offer to you. This is completely unfair and improper. You will not know the true value of your case until all of your medical treatment is completed because until then, the amount of your damages cannot be established. The insurance companies know this. However, they are in danger of losing massive amounts of money as a result of these accidents, and will work vigorously to protect their financial interests with complete disregard for your injuries and the consequences you will suffer from your motorcycle accident.

Insurance companies can be manipulative and difficult to work with. Susan Handel is not intimidated by an insurance company, the insurance company’s attorneys, or the insurance company claims adjusters. Susan Handel will work tirelessly to represent your rights until you receive the superior compensation to which you are entitled. Your case is important and Susan Handel knows how crucial the outcome can be to your future health and well-being.

Susan Handel has extensive experience and meticulous investigating talents. She is aided by qualified engineers, accident reconstructionists, medical experts, vocational rehabilitation experts, and a team who will gather and analyze all of the relevant evidence in large damage cases involving catastrophic injuries and fatalities.

Susan Handel, Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one are involved in a serious accident, it can be medically, emotionally, and financially overwhelming. The Law Offices of Susan Handel will help your family and you cope with all of those difficulties.

Susan Handel has the experience, resources and knowledge to handle large, complex and difficult cases, while at the same time maintaining the compassion and understanding the significant impact that motorcycle accidents have on her clients and their families.

Susan Handel is widely regarded as an expert personal injury attorney with a record of very successful results for her clients who have been seriously injured or have lost loved ones in motorcycle accidents.

Your initial consultation with Susan Handel is both free and confidential. You deserve the very best motorcycle accident lawyer, so call Susan Handel now and she will be happy to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have regarding your accident. Susan Handel also provides in-person, free, confidential home and hospital visits for your convenience.