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Construction sites can present serious dangers to workers and others in the vicinity. Construction accidents often occur as the result of workers being required to lift heavy objects, operate large machinery, and work at great heights. Common causes of construction accidents include exposure to hazardous materials, collapsing scaffolding, injuries involving tools or debris, and employees falling from elevated heights. Injuries sustained as a result of these accidents can be very severe and may result in short or long term disability, permanent work loss or even death.

If you have been injured in a serious accident, you have legal rights. Susan Handel is an experienced construction accident attorney who can provide you with the counsel and representation you need to assert your legal rights and protect your interests. The risks inherent on construction sites do not excuse construction company owners, third party vendors, manufacturers, architects, and other parties from liability in the event their actions or negligence in some way contributed to an injury or death. Knowing this, you can take action to ensure your rights are protected following an on-the-job injury. At our firm, we work with experts in various fields to help determine fault and establish liability in construction accident cases. This step is an integral part of the litigation process, as the successful outcome of your claim is entirely dependent on it. So who and which parties, exactly, can be held liable in construction accidents?

Who is held responsible for construction accidents?

Due to the inherent danger of construction sites, the construction company or property owner is responsible for taking necessary precautions to prevent any accidents from occurring. Proper rules and conduct in safety practices can reduce the risk of a worker or passerby being injured. If the negligence of an individual leads to a preventable construction accident, that person may be liable for the victim’s injuries. Susan Handel knows the ins and outs of construction accident litigation and can determine whether you have a case against the employer, general contractor, or subcontractors at the site. Employers of construction workers must ensure their employees are properly trained and a supervisor at a construction site is responsible for enforcing safety measures. Companies that manufacturer construction equipment and products that prove to be defective are held liable. Other parties involved in the construction process may be held liable such as architects or scaffolding companies. Injury victims are entitled to compensation for past and future medical expenses, past and future wage loss, pain and suffering, and in certain cases, punitive damages. Additionally, if a victim dies and his or her survivors suffer economical loss or emotional distress as a result, the survivors may be entitled to recover full compensation.

If you have been injured in a construction accident or a loved one has been tragically killed, California construction accident lawyer Susan Handel can help you. You deserve the very best, so call Susan Handel now for a free, confidential consultation and she will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your construction accident. Susan Handel also provides free, in person, confidential consultations at your home or in the hospital for your convenience.