Mike Imonti Truck Accident-1 Million Dollar Settlement!

Mike Imonti was involved in a truck accident when a massive 18 wheeler truck made an unsafe lane change and collided with Mike’s vehicle. Mike sustained serious injuries to his neck, his back and his shoulder, all of which required surgery. The defendant insurance claimed that the accident was Mike’s fault. The defendant insurance company knowingly lied, and claimed that Mike’s injuries were a result of a fist fight that occurred between Mike and the truck driver. There was never, at any time, any physical contact between Mike and the truck driver! Susan went up against the large insurance company for 2 years and fought hard for Mike. Susan referred Mike to the best medical providers at no upfront cost to him so that he could have his surgeries performed by excellent doctors. Mike thinks Susan Handel is an excellent personal injury lawyer and would recommend her to anyone who gets in an accident. Mike is especially grateful to Susan for the assistance with medical referrals because this enabled him to have his surgeries performed by the finest doctors around.

“Susan Handel is the best in the business-for sure!” – Mike Imonti