Auto Accident Causing Shoulder Injuries With Resulting Surgery

Tamara was involved in an automobile accident and sustained shoulder injuries which required surgery. Susan assisted Tamara with proper medical referrals so that Tamara could obtain appropriate medical care. Susan kept Tamara informed about all aspects of her case and could answer any question that Tamara asked of Susan. Tamara was very pleased with her settlement results and would recommend Susan to anyone who was involved in an accident.

I was injured in a high speed collision. I was actually hit from behind, I was rear-ended. And I had my two boys in there with me and, fortunately, they didn’t sustain any injuries; but I did. I had back pain and also arm pain and it was a lot of tingling sensation in my arm. That pain gradually got worse. I ended up having to go to the emergency room. At the emergency room, I was given pain medication and told I needed to follow up with another physician. After being hit, I contacted the insurance agency of the person that hit me and I spoke to one person, and they told me I would have to fill out this form or go here or go there. And I didn’t know if they were being truthful with me, or if they were just trying to protect the person that they were covering. They absolutely did not have my best interest in mind. At that point, I didn’t know exactly what to do or who to see or if my insurance from my work was going to pay or if the person who hit me, if their insurance was going to pay. I was so frustrated. I called my brother and I was venting to him about it and he told me about a wonderful attorney that he highly recommended. When my brother told me about this attorney, I asked where she was and he told me she was in San Diego. So I was a little skeptical because I’m in Texas and she’s in San Diego, and I didn’t think that was going to work out, but I contacted her and it wouldn’t be any different than if she was down the street from me. It was wonderful. She handled every aspect of the case. When I initially contacted Susan, I told her about what happened and I didn’t have to talk to the other insurance agency at all. Susan handled everything, completely. After being injured, I wasn’t sure of what type of doctor to contact, and I described my injuries to Susan who put me in touch with an orthopedic doctor. I ended up having to having to have surgery and I have had zero issues since then. Having Susan’s help has been absolutely wonderful. I didn’t have to worry about anything. Susan is the type of person that definitely goes above and beyond. She contacted me on a regular basis. Any questions that I had, she answered them. There was nothing that I asked that she couldn’t provide me an answer. It exceeded my expectations due to the fact that the person that hit me, they didn’t have a large policy. So I didn’t expect really anything, but I did get a nice settlement. I was extremely happy with the settlement I received. I would recommend Susan Handel because she’s extremely knowledgeable. She cares about the case as well as the person, and she’s extremely attentive to all of the needs.

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