Drunk Driving Hit and Run Accident Resulting in Serious Injuries

Daniel was involved in a major accident caused by a drunk driver who fled the scene of the accident. Daniel suffered serious wrist, back and neck injuries. Daniel was completely unsatisfied with his first lawyer who did a lot of advertising and had a big name. However, Daniel’s first lawyer never returned Daniel’s phone calls, did not assist him with proper medical referrals, and when Daniel finally met his lawyer, the lawyer didn’t even know who Daniel was or anything about his case. Daniel was referred to Susan who assisted him with proper medical referrals and obtained a large settlement for Daniel. Daniel believes Susan is the very best and is a person of her word, which means everything.

A couple years ago I was involved in a high speed accident. A drunk driver hit my car, ripped it in two pieces. I was ejected out my window. Next thing I know, I woke up covered in blood, and ran into the nearest store to dial 911, which they’d already called. The ambulance showed up, and it was all pretty blurry from there. The drunk driver fled right after the accident. Actually, he left people in the car while he fled the scene. My injuries? They were a broken wrist, my back was messed up, my neck, and every once in a while I get a sharp pain in my leg. I’ll never be 100% again. I was out of work for four or five months due to the accident, so yeah, nothing’s the same anymore. The first lawyer I hired does a lot of advertisement in the desert. I mean, you can’t even turn the channel without seeing this guy. So I thought he’d be able to represent me. When I would call, he was never there. He never returned my phone calls at all. And when I did get an interview with him, he didn’t even know who I was, my name or the drunk driver who hit me. I knew more about the case than he did. I was angry, just like anybody else would be. I was furious. I felt even worse than a number. I didn’t even exist to him. He didn’t care. You’d think with a big name, big staff, you would actually get results, but I didn’t get anything from this guy, not even a phone call. It was real odd, the way I got Susan’s number. I was actually at a doctor’s office. I was sitting down, waiting for my turn to go into the office. A lady comes up to me, asks what happened. I told her I was in an accident, let her know the name of my first attorney. She said, “Oh, no. What are you doing?” She gave me the number of Susan. I called up Susan that day. Within about an hour, Susan called back, wanting to know exactly what happened. So I gave her the information. She said she would call back in about a day or two to see if she can accept my case, which she did. Called me back right and it was right there. She kept her word. She was a person of her word, which means everything to anybody. She would be calling, at least, a couple times a week, letting me know how the case is going, asking how I was doing, how my family was doing, how my son. She actually cared about what was going on with me and not just me, but my family. It was obvious she knew a lot about personal injury law. She answered all my questions. She gave me the rundown on how everything works, how the whole thing was going to go down, what had to be done. She pointed me in the right direction to what doctors I had to go see. So everything went great. The settlement I received from Susan was great. I don’t have to worry about my son’s college, so I’m happy. She got me the most I could out of the case. I would recommend Susan because she is the best. That’s not a lie. Anybody who knows me knows who I am, knows how I act. This is me. And she is the best.

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