The Most Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents in San Diego

Many people living in the San Diego area enjoy riding motorcycles, but it is important for every motorcycle owner and passenger to understand the clear risks these vehicles entail. Even when riders are perfectly attentive and responsible while riding, they can still experience severe motorcycle accidents that result in substantial damage.

Knowing the most common types of motorcycle accidents in San Diego is one of the best pieces of information for any motorcycle rider in the area. At the Law Offices of Susan Handel, we strive to help not only injured clients recover through effective legal representation but also provide useful guidance to clients and potential clients in the San Diego area to help them limit their risk of experiencing a motorcycle accident. Review the following information and take steps to limit your risk of injury or death on San Diego roads.

What Is the Most Common Type of Motorcycle Accident?

The San Diego area is renowned for its seemingly perfect weather year-round. While some may infer that this would mean great visibility for riding a motorcycle, the reality is that riding conditions can be very dangerous for many reasons in the San Diego area.

Winding backroads are one of the most common places for motorcycle accidents to occur. While many motorcycle accidents occur on busy streets and at intersections, winding country roads present several serious risks to motorcyclists. Drivers coming in the opposite direction may not see a motorcyclist ahead of them as they round a turn, potentially causing an accident. In some areas, a winding country road will abruptly expand to wider lanes or constrict to narrower lanes. If a rider is taking a turn too fast, they may suddenly realize they are going too fast to adjust for a sudden change in lane width, resulting in an accident.

The most common motorcycle accident in the urban areas of San Diego are intersection accidents. Busy intersections can make it difficult for other drivers to notice nearby motorcycles that are much smaller than typical passenger cars. It is vital for motorcyclists to use caution at all intersections, especially when making left turns if the opposing lane is not entirely visible when the traffic light indicates that it is safe to turn.

Motorcycle accidents can also happen due to poor road conditions. Slick or uneven surfaces can cause a rider to suddenly lose control of their bike and suffer a serious accident. If a motorcycle accident occurs due to a government agency’s failure to properly maintain a section of road, call our firm. It may be possible to secure compensation with the help of a San Diego motorcycle accident attorney. However, the process will be different than a standard personal injury claim.

Another one of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in San Diego is improper or unsafe passing. When a motorcycle overtakes a slower-moving vehicle, they risk crashing when the road ahead is not clear, when they do not have full visibility of their lane changing path, or when a nearby driver who did not notice them suddenly reacts to the passing motorcyclists. All riders should pass with care and ensure it is legal to do so before attempting to pass slower-moving traffic.

What Are the Odds of Dying in a Motorcycle Accident?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the fatality rate for motorcycle accidents is about 72 out of 100,000 accidents. While this may seem like a relatively low risk of death, the reality is that a motorcyclist has very little protection from external forces. While the risk of dying in a motorcycle accident may seem low, the risk of catastrophic injury in a motorcycle accident is much higher than it would be in an enclosed passenger vehicle.

Which Is the Safest Bike in the World?

There are various reports that break down the safest motorcycles in the world, and consumer reports and accident reports narrow down several of the leading motorcycle brands available today with the highest marks for rider safety and the lowest failure rates. Victory, Kawasaki, Honda, and Suzuki are some of the best brands for safety. Yamaha has recently topped many lists for rider safety with their Star line of motorcycles, which are great for beginners.

While it is important to take consumer reviews and safety reports seriously, it is also wise to ask a professional for recommendations when you are interested in buying a motorcycle. Remember, even if you purchase a motorcycle with the highest safety ratings and best reviews, it is vital to recognize the inherent safety risks of any motorcycle compared to standard passenger vehicles.

Which Motorcycles Are the Most Dangerous?

Cruiser motorcycles tend to have higher accident rates than most other types of motorcycles. These bikes are very popular, and about half the motorcycles active in the US qualify as cruisers, which may skew accident rates significantly and highlight cruisers as the most dangerous motorcycles. They are also heavy and difficult for inexperienced riders to operate safely. Additionally, street bikes are very powerful and, unfortunately, encourage some riders to drive at excessive speeds and engage in risky maneuvers.

What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

If you or a loved one are injured in a motorcycle accident in the San Diego area, it is important to know your legal rights. If the accident occurred because another driver was negligent, you have the right to file a claim against their auto insurance policy. If you cannot secure enough to fully cover your losses, you have the right to file a civil claim against the party responsible for your injuries to recoup the remainder of your losses.

One of the best steps to take after a motorcycle accident is to speak with an experienced San Diego motorcycle accident attorney after you address your medical needs. Your attorney can help you gather the evidence and documentation necessary to navigate the potentially complex legal affairs you must settle before you obtain the compensation you need for your losses. If you are ready to speak with a reliable and compassionate San Diego motorcycle accident attorney about your options for legal recourse, contact the Law Offices of Susan Handel today to schedule a consultation with our team.