The Most Dangerous Intersections in San Diego

San Diego is a beautiful and busy city. However, traffic accidents can and do happen every day throughout the area, and it is vital for all drivers in San Diego to understand these risks. Whether you have lived in San Diego all your life, recently moved to the area, or plan to visit in the near future, it is essential to know the most dangerous intersections in San Diego:

  • El Cajon Boulevard and 33rd Street
  • Market Street and 6th Avenue
  • 11th Avenue and Broadway
  • University Avenue and 4th Avenue
  • Front Street and Ash Street
  • 4th Avenue and Market Street
  • 10th Avenue and A Street
  • Broadway and 5th Avenue
  • Euclid Avenue and Naranja Street
  • 5th Avenue and B Street
  • Coronado Avenue (SB) and Thermal Avenue.
  • 4th Avenue and B Street
  • El Cajon Boulevard and 36th Street
  • 6th Avenue and Broadway
  • University Avenue and 52nd Street

These intersections are consistently reported to have some of the highest accident rates throughout the San Diego area. When it comes to both car and truck accidents in San Diego, all drivers should know the potential risks these intersections present.

How Can You Avoid an Accident at One of These Intersections?

Good driving means knowing how to safely operate your vehicle and applying good judgment to changing road conditions. The signs and signals posted throughout every street in San Diego exist to help drivers predict the actions of other drivers. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to accurately anticipate how other drivers will behave.

When you must drive through any of the aforementioned intersections, it is wise to use additional caution. The most dangerous intersections in San Diego have visibility limitations and some of the highest traffic congestion in the San Diego metropolitan area, so be sure to use additional caution as you navigate these intersections. It is also important to pay close attention to your surroundings in the event a distracted or intoxicated driver enters the vicinity and poses a risk to you and your passengers.

Should You Avoid These Intersections Entirely?

Many people throughout San Diego stick to consistent commuting schedules, and this often means driving the same routes every day. While you shouldn’t feel the need to avoid the most dangerous intersections in San Diego entirely, you should certainly use additional caution when traveling around these areas. If any of these intersections are parts of your daily commute, it may be worth checking for alternate routes that can help you avoid these intersections and ultimately reduce their traffic congestion.

Are There Cities with More Dangerous Intersections than San Diego?

San Diego may be home to some of the most dangerous intersections in Southern California, but there are many other states with significant traffic problems and very dangerous intersections of their own. Los Angeles has several notorious intersections, one of the most infamous being Reseda Boulevard and Devonshire Street in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles metropolitan area is one of the most dangerous areas for driving in the state of California. However, there are also many other dangerous intersections throughout the country.

What Do You Do if You’re in a Car or Truck Accident at One of these Intersections?

Car and truck accidents in San Diego happen every day. While the previously listed intersections represent a few of the areas most prone to witness severe accidents, the reality is that an accident at any of these intersections will likely play out similar to an accident anywhere else. This means the same basic rules apply at these intersections as they would elsewhere:

  • If you are severely injured, do not move and call 911 if you are able to do so. Wait for first responders to arrive. Your first priority after car or truck accidents in San Diego is your personal health and wellbeing.
  • If you are able to safely move, check yourself and your passengers for injuries before checking on other drivers.
  • Report the accident to the police immediately if no one else has done so. California has strict laws for reporting accidents that result in injury or significant property damage, and failure to report an accident as required by law can result in heavy legal penalties.
  • Once the police arrive, answer their questions honestly without admitting fault. Once they allow you to leave, make sure you see your doctor right away to have any injuries evaluated.

Once you have handled these immediate responsibilities, it is vital to connect with a reliable attorney who can assist you with your recovery. If another party is responsible for your motorcycle accident, you have the legal right to hold them accountable.

How Do Intersection Accidents Occur

Truck Accident CompensationIntersections throughout San Diego have been designed to flow traffic cohesively. Unfortunately, the system requires all drivers to pay full attention to the road and abide by all traffic laws. In the most dangerous intersections in San Diego, these errors can be significantly more costly than in other areas.

Distracted driving has become a leading cause of car and truck accidents in San Diego and throughout California. The state has enacted several laws aimed at curbing distracting practices behind the wheel, including banning the use of cell phones without hands-free attachments. Driving under the influence (DUI) is also a leading cause of serious and fatal accidents. A few of the other reasons why intersection accidents happen is lack of visibility, especially when turning.

Before making a turn when you have the right of way, be sure the opposing lane is clear before making the arc of your turn. In some cases, it may be impossible to see beyond a line of cars waiting to turn from the opposing lanes, so do not assume that all other drivers coming in the opposite direction are paying attention, even if they have a red light and you have the right of way.

Find Legal Help

One of the most important things you must do after car and truck accidents in San Diego is to find legal counsel as soon as possible. Even if you believe your damages are moderate, reliable legal representation is one of the best things to have on your side as you work toward recovering those losses. Contact the Law Offices of Susan Handel today for more information about your legal rights after an accident at one of the most dangerous intersections in San Diego.