Why You Need the Best Medical Doctors If You’ve Been in a Motorcycle Accident

Getting into an accident is something many people do not want to think about. Accidents are frightening and can leave you feeling jarred or unsafe on the roads. Unfortunately, anxiety on roadways isn’t the only effect that comes from getting into an accident. There are often injuries and medical conditions that need treatment, some of which may require extended care or be lifelong ailments. This is especially true with motorcyclists. As motorcycles don’t have cabs or protection for the driver, it’s easy for motorcyclists to get seriously injured in the event of an accident. If you are a motorcyclist or love someone who loves to ride, you must think seriously about what you will do if an accident should occur. If you are adequately prepared for emergencies, the results don’t have to be tragic or lethal. One of the best things you can do is be ready to get yourself or your loved one the best medical care available. There are several reasons immediate above-average medical care can help after a motorcycle accident.

Good Doctors Help Prove Your Case

Getting a medical examination soon after an accident ensures that your ailments are documented by a professional and can be easily linked to the collision. Insurance companies often try to avoid paying for medical care and do anything they can to shirk responsibility. The longer you wait to receive medical care, the larger the window of time that the insurance company can blame your pain upon. They’ll often say that the injury happened in the time since the accident or that you had a preexisting condition, and the injuries are not their responsibility. By seeing a doctor with an outstanding reputation, you can squash any such argument from the insurance companies and receive a payment in line with what you deserve.

Good Doctors Give You a Medical Record

When you begin to deal with insurance companies following a motorcycle accident, it’s best to have a record of your health care on file to show if they argue that they’re not at fault. Having a paper trail of your healing journey is the best way to win against large insurance companies trying to avoid paying. The documentation provided at care appointments acts as a receipt for you to be reimbursed by insurance payments.

Good Doctors Can Prevent Future Pain

It’s not unheard of for untreated injuries to compound on themselves. If you opt not to seek a doctor for a seemingly innocent pain following a crash, that pain can easily become something larger later if left untreated. Fractures can turn into breaks, limited mobility can become permanent, and nerve damage can strip you of your ability to do basic things. A well-trained medical professional will be able to perform a complete examination and discern if any aches and pains are cause for concern. They may even be able to identify injuries that haven’t begun to exhibit symptoms yet. By catching injuries early, you can heal quickly and save yourself pain and heartache later on.

Good Doctors Can Save Your Life

Not all injuries are apparent at first. In fact, hundreds of lethal conditions exhibit minor symptoms or no symptoms at all and can be very easy to miss. After a motorcycle accident, you can have internal bleeding, brain injury, spinal bruising, or many other serious conditions that may not be obvious to the untrained eye. By seeking medical care from a qualified professional right after your accident, you are giving yourself the best chance of avoiding catastrophic health situations later. A good doctor will be able to identify the subtle signs of something serious and can create a treatment plan that resolves issues fast and allows your body to heal completely. Not every doctor has the training and understanding to do this, and it can make all the difference in the end.

Good Treatment Can Give You Your Life Back

It’s unfortunate, but not all medical care is of the same caliber. Some medical care facilities do not match the high standards of others and may not have the capacity or understanding to treat you correctly. The difference between average care and exceptional care could be the difference between living a normal life and living the rest of your days in a wheelchair. It is not worth saving a few dollars after a motorcycle accident by seeking cheaper care that is of lower quality. Bones can be set incorrectly, symptoms to be dismissed, points of concern to be missed, none of which are worth the saved money when your health is on the line.

How Do I Get Quality Care?

It’s an unfortunate reality that not everyone has access to quality medical care in this country. For many, seeking exemplary medical care is simply a fantasy and is not a feasible plan of action following a tragedy. Bills are often high, and quality care isn’t always covered by personal medical insurance. To get quality care, you may have to fight for it. Legal battles after a motorcycle accident can be arduous, but in the end, they can be the key to receiving proper treatment. The key is to have an experienced attorney on hand in case of an accident. Your attorney will be able to jump into action and get you insurance payouts as soon as possible, making high-quality care a more realistic possibility.

Do I Need An Attorney for Medical Care?

It’s possible to go through the insurance process alone, but it is not in your best interest to do so. Insurance companies make their processes intentionally complicated, and it is easy to make errors that will nullify your entire case. These companies know what they’re doing and often know how to outsmart someone who is experiencing an emergency for the first time. It is not only possible, but it is likely that you will not receive the maximum payout if you go through the process alone. Even if the company offers a settlement, it will likely offer an extremely low amount of money to a party who isn’t represented by an attorney. To be sure that the process is being done correctly and that everything possible is being done, it’s best to hire an attorney.

Why Susan Handel?

As with medical care, there is a difference in quality between attorneys as well. While many attorneys have nonspecific knowledge of personal injury, Susan Handel has spent a large portion of her 20-year career defending motorcyclists. She understands the vulnerability that motorcyclists are put in on the roads and works to minimize their disadvantage when it comes to insurance payouts. She will fight to make sure that you are getting payments that allow you to receive the high-quality medical care that can give you your life back. You don’t have to worry about being unable to afford care, Susan Handel has a 95% settlement rate for her accident cases, and she can continue to fight in court for the other 5% until her clients get what they deserve. No one fights as fearlessly for motorcyclists as Susan Handel.

There’s no time to waste after a motorcycle accident. Make sure you always have the Law Offices of Susan Handel on speed dial and contact us right away after an accident.