Why You Should Never Speak With an Insurance Company If You’ve Been in a Motorcycle Accident

Experiencing an accident is enough to make most people feel jarred and panicked. Though you may feel prepared for such an event, you will likely act differently than planned if you find yourself in an emergency. This is normal. Adrenaline and stress hormones make many people behave in ways that they otherwise would not. However, no matter the situation, it is important that you know not to speak to an insurance company without your lawyer present after being in a motorcycle accident. There are many ways that you can unknowingly or unintentionally ruin your chances for fair compensation and say things that may drive up your rates up or put you in a place to be financially responsible for more than you can handle. These are some significant reasons you should avoid speaking with insurance companies after a motorcycle accident and why they are important.

Insurance Companies Are Proactive

After an accident, victims have a lot to deal with. Insurance companies capitalize on this by trying to contact you quickly after they hear that an accident has occurred. Many insurance representatives contact victims and adopt a friendly and understanding demeanor to make you feel as if they are generally concerned about your well-being. The truth is that they are simply looking for you to admit that you are not injured enough to go to the doctor when the reality may be that you just haven’t had time yet, or symptoms haven’t set in. Insurance companies understand that the effects of accidents, such as whiplash or nerve damage, often take a few days to become apparent. They know that if they call you quickly after your accident, you may not be experiencing symptoms, and they can get you to waive their responsibility for your health. When symptoms show up, they will refer to your previous conversation when you felt fine as proof that they shouldn’t have to pay.

Insurance Companies Hate Attorneys

Another reason that insurance companies jump into action quickly after an accident is that they know that it may take time for you to hire a lawyer. They understand that an attorney will be fighting to get you maximum payout, and they do not want to pay. They’ll try to speak to you quickly after an accident so that you don’t have an attorney to defend you in the conversation. It is best not to answer calls from unknown numbers until you have an attorney on hand. Once you have hired an experienced lawyer, you can direct the insurance company to your attorney for questions and statements.

You May Admit Guilt

Insurance companies are highly experienced in accident aftermaths. That’s all that they do. Because of this, they know ways to make you inadvertently admit guilt for a situation, whether it was your fault or not. They ask cunning and confusing questions and may get you to doubt yourself and your answers and become flustered. They know that if they can get you to admit fault, they will have to pay less or nothing at all on your behalf. There are many ways that they can argue that you’ve admitted guilt, so it is best to avoid talking to them altogether unless your attorney is present.

Insurance Companies Bully Victims

One of the most common and horrifying tactics that insurance companies use is bullying victims into giving statements. They often call with great frequency to make the situation seem dire and more time-sensitive than it is. They will begin by acting friendly and personable, but as time goes on, they may resort to more aggressive methods to get you to talk. In some cases, they have victims followed to see if their daily activities coincide with the injuries they claim. If you speak with them, they will likely ask leading and confusing questions meant to make you doubt your experiences or contradict what you said. Though many people would like to believe that insurance is a service to help people, in reality, insurance is simply a business looking to maximize profits and minimize loss.

You Are Not Obligated to Speak With Them

Many people are under the false impression that they must speak with the other driver’s insurance company following a motorcycle crash. This simply is not true. You are perfectly within your right to tell them that you will have your attorney contact them with your statement and answer any questions. If you already have your attorney hired, you can give the company your attorney’s contact information and tell them to contact your lawyer for any statements or questions. It’s important to note that many insurance companies record calls, especially when dealing with reports or claims specifically. There is a good chance that whatever you say over the phone will be used as evidence. To retain your chances of a fair settlement, always direct the company to your lawyer and decline to say anything further.

You Are Still Undergoing Treatment

As far as the insurance company is concerned, you are still undergoing treatment for your injuries. Until a medical examination is completed and you are cleared, you don’t have sufficient evidence to show them what happened to you. Talking to them before that point only gives them excuses to refuse to pay for treatment or damages.

You Haven’t Seen the Police Report

In many places, police reports about an incident are not available right away. It’s important to read this report and take note of any inaccuracies or misrepresentations in it. The police don’t always get it right. Before the police statement has been released, speaking with an insurance company leaves an opportunity for contention or misunderstanding.

Bottom Line: Call an Attorney

The only way to be truly sure that you’ve properly navigated the aftermath of a motorcycle accident is to have an attorney handle the interactions for you. It is so easy to inadvertently give the insurance company fodder for their fight against you. Once you’ve given them proof or admitted guilt, it’s nearly impossible to salvage your case. When you call your attorney, you will relay your account to them. They will likely ask questions and make clarifications so that they are in an excellent position to speak with the insurance company on your behalf. Because attorneys have significant experience in this area, they will be able to navigate the conversation to avoid any miscommunication or room for the insurance companies to shirk responsibility. This allows you to receive the maximum payout and a just settlement for your injuries.

Call Susan Handel

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