Susan Handel Is California’s Most Experienced and Trusted Motorcycle Lawyer

The path back to normalcy after a motorcycle collision is not easy. In some cases, severe injuries can leave victims unable to perform everyday tasks for a long time. In other cases, injuries can leave victims paralyzed, immobile, or permanently handicapped. In yet other situations, victims come away with scrapes and bruises but suffer emotional trauma from such a scary event. No matter the situation, all motorcycle accidents require victims and their families to undergo the long and arduous process of making an insurance claim. This can cause additional pain and suffering to a family that is already reeling from a major accident. Insurance companies are unkind and ultimately work to ensure that they can pay you the least possible amount for your accident.

If you are new to the insurance system, you likely will walk away from the accident with a far smaller settlement than you are owed. Insurance companies especially like to target motorcyclists, painting them as dangerous and reckless drivers who are at fault for their own injuries. Susan Handel knows that this is not true. She has spent over 20 years of her career fighting for motorcyclists and can help you and your family navigate the insurance system after an accident.

You Need An Attorney Who Listens

The very basis of your case against the insurance company relies on your attorney listening to and understanding your account of what happened. Because of this, you need someone well versed in listening and understanding painful situations. Susan Handel is compassionate and kind during these conversations and ensures that she gets the entire picture of your experience. After she understands what has happened, she can usually give a good hypothesis of how your case will play out. Because Susan has such extensive experience in the industry, she is generally very confident in her predictions. The unfortunate truth is that not all personal injury lawyers listen carefully to their clients. Many are too jaded or have seen too many similar cases to spend time listening closely. Susan Handel is no such attorney.

Many Victims Accidentally Admit Guilt

After an accident, an insurance company will likely call to get your statement. Many people believe that they can and should field these calls themselves when the opposite is true. It is incredibly easy to say something that the insurance companies will attempt to use as an admission of guilt. If they receive an admission of guilt, they ultimately will pay you less or nothing at all, even if you were not really at fault for the accident.

In the long run, trying to navigate insurance companies without an attorney leaves you in a vulnerable situation and ultimately will lose you money. With Susan Handel on your side, admission of guilt is not a concern. With Susan Handel acting as your legal representative, she will field all calls from insurance companies. This ensures that the insurance company has no opportunity to blame you for what happened. Susan is fearless and unrelenting when it comes to insurance companies, and you can be sure that she will fight tirelessly for your case.

Medical Care Is Complicated

Just as all personal injury lawyers are different, all medical professionals are as well. Unfortunately, the first medical expert that examines you after an accident may not be the best person to do so. Lots of medical professionals miss details, do not take proper notes, or simply don’t have the understanding and experience to create an accurate picture of your body’s condition. Susan Handel ensures that your medical examination is complete by recommending medical practitioners who can give proper professional reports that provide a complete picture of your injuries and situation. Susan works tirelessly to ensure that her clients get proper medical treatment and care and that their records reflect the damage that was done in the accident. This not only ensures that you remain healthy and happy, but it also helps strengthen your case against the insurance companies.

No Up-Front Cost for Medical Bills Is Important

Medical bills from motorcycle accidents can be astronomical. Most people balk at the hundreds of thousands of dollars required to receive proper care, and in some cases, this stops victims from seeing a doctor even when they need to. Susan believes that medical bills for a collision that wasn’t your fault should not be your responsibility. She begins her fight to get you the maximum settlement so that you don’t concern yourself with medical bills while your body is trying to heal. Her tactics aim to allow victims of motorcycle crashes to seek quality medical care that can help them return to normal lives once they’ve recovered. When you are not at fault for an accident, you should not be financially responsible for it either.

Understanding Insurance Is Key

Though many of us would like to think otherwise, insurance companies are not on your side in the event of a motorcycle accident. Insurance companies are businesses before all else, and the bottom line for many of them is profits. To achieve their bottom line, these companies use improper and inappropriate tactics to get out of having to pay for medical bills.

During every interaction you have with an insurance company, even if it is your own, the adjuster is looking for ways to get out of having to pay. Susan Handel knows all about the inner workings of insurance companies and has navigated thousands of interactions with adjusters. She represents all her clients in conversations with insurance companies, so you never have to worry about saying the wrong thing or being tricked out of your settlement. Her experience allows her to give a complete and factual account of your accident without leaving room for the insurance company to claim that they are not responsible.

Juries Are Biased Against Motorcyclists

Even though Susan Handel has a 95% settlement rate in her motorcycle accident cases, there is still a slight chance that your case will have to go to court to be settled. Unfortunately, courtroom juries are not always favorable toward motorcyclists. Many people assume that people who ride motorcycles are reckless and bad drivers when this is often completely untrue. Susan Handel understands the unfairness of these stereotypes and combats them by presenting a complete and comprehensive picture of your personality and life to the jury. This tactic is often incredibly helpful in the courtroom, as the jury sees you as a person rather than a motorcyclist. Susan has decades of experience rewriting the motorcycle narrative and will work hard to do the same with your case should it go to court.

Attorneys Need Specific Experience

Not every personal injury lawyer has the same education, experience, and talent. Most personal injury attorneys are well versed in vehicle collisions but have less experience and understanding of motorcycle crashes. Susan Handel is the very opposite. Susan can fight your case with specificity because she has a legendary knowledge of motorcycle law in the San Diego area. She uses the full extent of the law to your advantage and ensures that she knows every possible way to fight for your case. Susan believes that motorcyclists are often misrepresented and receive unfair settlements due to the nature of their mode of transportation. She works to fix these injustices and get her clients the settlements that they deserve.

Contact Susan Handel

In the event of a motorcycle accident, do not try to navigate the unfair and predatory insurance claims system on your own. Hiring Susan Handel ensures that you have the best representation in the San Diego area and that your case has the best chance of yielding a large settlement. No one will give you a better chance at full recovery, financial support, and medical care than Susan Handel will.

You must act fast in the event of an accident, as delays can be used against you. If you begin the process quickly, you have a higher chance of receiving a proper settlement for your injuries and suffering. If you or a loved one have been in a motorcycle accident, contact Susan Handel today.