Why You Should Immediately Call Susan Handel If You’ve Been in a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents are traumatic events. Because motorcycles leave their drivers open to the elements, accidents can cause even more injuries than other types of collisions. There is a long process ahead for victims of motorcycle accidents and their families, regardless of the types of injuries inflicted during the crash. The insurance system is extremely complicated and is not set up to help victims get the resources they need to recover. Between insurance companies, police reports, medical appointments, and physical and emotional recovery, victims often have a very long way to go before they feel that things have returned to normal. One significant way to smooth out this process is to hire an experienced attorney. You will find no attorney better equipped to handle your motorcycle accident case than Susan Handel. Susan has over 20 years of experience handling motorcycle accident cases and knows how to navigate the system to get you the settlement you deserve. Here are just a few reasons Susan Handel can help you through the aftermath of a motorcycle accident.

Susan Handel Listens With Care

Before anything else can happen, your attorney will need to fully understand your account of what happened. Susan Handel is compassionate and understanding and listens to every client’s testimony with an open mind and attention to detail. After she gets your account of the collision, she can begin to give you an idea of what might happen next. Because Susan has been fighting on behalf of motorcyclists for so long, she has a good sense of how a case may turn out when she begins to fight for your settlement. Other personal injury lawyers lack the compassion and understanding that Susan has gained from decades in this business, and others will not be able to approach your situation with the same amount of care.

Susan Handel Knows Insurance

Insurance companies are often the real enemies when it comes to motorcycle accident claims. Because insurance companies are businesses primarily, many of them aim only to maximize profits. To do this, they use intimidating tactics to try to get victims to contradict their own accounts of accidents. They will often call victims soon after an accident and try to get them to admit that they feel okay or that the accident wasn’t too bad. This allows them to get out of paying for your medical bills and settlement. Susan Handel knows and understands all this. She will take overall interactions with insurance companies to ensure that they do not take advantage of you. With her experience in the industry, she knows how to present your story with undeniable facts, and she leaves no room for misinterpretation or insurance company tricks. Having her on your side ensures that these companies pay you what you’re owed.

Susan Doesn’t Admit Guilt

Some people choose to fight for themselves after motorcycle accidents because they believe that they can navigate the system alone and save the cost of hiring an attorney. While this may seem like a financially sound decision, it costs you money by the end of the process if you don’t hire an experienced attorney to represent you. It is easier than you might think to inadvertently admit guilt, contradict your story, or otherwise show the insurance company that they shouldn’t pay you the maximum allowed sum for your case. With Susan Handel on your side, this type of admission is not a concern. Susan will take your story and be sure to tell it accurately and without showing admissions of guilt or responsibility on your part. This ensures that the insurance company has no grounds to minimize your payments and leaves you in the clear. Susan’s experience has made her an expert on interacting with insurance, and she will do so fearlessly in your case.

Susan Handel Can Advise on Medical Care

Unfortunately, the first medical practitioner you see after an accident may not have the experience, time, or qualifications to provide you with a thorough medical examination that accurately reflects your condition. In many cases, this would mean that you get less insurance money and will be responsible for paying for developing injuries out of your own pocket. This is not the case with Susan Handel. Susan has an extensive background in the complexities of motorcycle accident cases and can direct you to medical practitioners who are thorough, careful, and complete in their reports. Susan ensures that all her clients get appropriate medical treatment, and that the documentation accurately reflects the damage that was inflicted by the collision.

Susan Handel Fights for No Up-Front Cost

Collisions are expensive, and medical bills only add to those expenses. Many people do not have hundreds of thousands of dollars at their disposal for medical bills and can’t fathom paying for proper medical care. Susan believes that this should not keep you from receiving good medical treatment. Her goal is for you to receive the maximum settlement and full medical coverage at no upfront cost to you. She believes that money should not be the deciding factor in your ongoing health while still understanding that most people are very intimidated by the idea of medical bills. This is why she fights tirelessly to get maximum settlements for all of her clients, to ensure that they can heal completely and go on to live full, normal lives.

Susan Has Specific Experience

Personal injury lawyers are not all created equal. Most personal injury attorneys are not fully versed in the intricacies of motorcycle law. This puts their clients at a disadvantage during negotiations against insurance companies who know the laws inside and out. Susan Handel is no such attorney. Susan has a deep and thorough understanding of traffic and motorcycle laws in the San Diego area. She can fight your case with specificity and understanding that works to your advantage. Unlike other personal injury lawyers, Susan understands the motorcycle lifestyle, the injuries riding can cause, and how to fight against an insurance system biased against bikers.

Susan Can Present Your Humanity to a Jury

Susan Handel has a 95% settlement rate in her motorcycle accident cases, meaning that it’s probable that you will be able to receive your settlement without going to court. However, if your case does go to court, it’s worth noting that most juries are biased against motorcycle drivers. Most people on a jury think that motorcycles are dangerous and that those driving them are reckless when more often, the opposite is true. Susan Handel has decades of experience navigating these stereotypes for her clients and can present a complete profile of who you are to the jury. By maximizing your humanity and the jury’s understanding of who you are, it is much more likely that they will side with you.

Contact Susan Handel

No matter your situation, do not try to navigate the insurance system after a motorcycle collision without an attorney. Susan Handel is the best motorcycle injury attorney in the San Diego area because she approaches each situation with understanding and compassion and fights for you with tireless and relentless pursuit. No one will work harder to secure you a fair and robust settlement after a motorcycle accident than Susan Handel.

If you or a loved one has experienced a motorcycle accident, time is of the essence. The sooner you begin the process, the better your chances of receiving the maximum possible settlement. Don’t wait; contact Susan Handel today.