Israel Arreola Truck Accident-6 Million Dollar Settlement!

I was involved in a very bad accident when an 18 wheeler massive truck ran a red light and collided with my car. The impact of the collision was so severe that my car spun a full 360 degrees two times and landed on the other side of the street. My car was crushed and looked like an accordion. Even the truck was damaged! I injured my left hip, my left shoulder and my back-all of which required surgery.

Susan Handel was recommended to me by a co-worker. My co-worker raved about the great results Susan achieved for her when she had her accident and urged me to call her.  That  was the best advice I have ever received. Once I called Susan, she immediately took over. She answered every question I asked of her, and  told me what to expect.  Susan always made herself available for me when I needed her. My telephone calls were always returned. I was never in the dark about my case. I always knew what was going on. Susan made sure I was seen by the best doctors, physical therapists and pain management specialists. I had an 8 hour back surgery performed by  one of the best neurosurgeons in this country because of Susan. The back surgery was a success and within a short time, I was pain free and able to perform almost all of the activities I couldn’t do after the accident. My hip and shoulder surgeries were performed by the doctor who is the doctor for the Clippers basketball team-again, because of Susan. And after those surgeries, I was pain free and able to get my life back in order for the most part. The medical care was top notch and I could never have afforded this on my own.

Susan hired the best experts for my case. The experts were able to put my case together and prove that the truck driver not only caused the accident, but that the accident also caused my serious injuries. This was necessary because the trucking company was claiming that I was responsible for the cause of the accident, and, that my injuries were not as serious as they were.  The truck company was lying and trying to come up with every reason why not to pay me. Susan had no fear and went up against the large trucking company and crushed them in the end.

If I had only received the medical care, and nothing more, that would have been enough because the medical care is what got my life back for me. But Susan went further-she settled my case for $6,000,000.00 the day before trial.

I will be forever grateful to Susan. I am well again and I am financially set for life.I would trust  Susan with my life and did just that when I hired her as my lawyer.

I would recommend Susan Handel to anyone that gets into an accident of any kind.  She is highly experienced, she is personal, she is caring, and she will get you RESULTS and work as hard as she has to no matter what. Just one of those qualities would be hard to find in one attorney-but you will find them all in Susan!

I will never be able to thank you enough Susan.

-Israel Arreola