Motorcycle Accident Resulting in Catastrophic Injuries


Tina was involved in a motorcycle accident that resulted in catastrophic injuries which included, but were not limited to, a broken pelvis, a broken ankle and broken ribs. Motorcycle accident attorney Susan Handel had Tina’s health insurance reinstated which had been cancelled while Tina was in the hospital, which resulted in saving Tina hundreds of thousands of dollars. Susan also assisted Tina with moving into a handicap friendly residence after her discharge from the hospital and obtained a superior settlement for Tina. Tina believes Susan is the very best and would recommend her to anyone.

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I was involved in an accident. I was a passenger on a motorcycle. The motorcycle that I was riding on collided with a pickup truck that resulted in severe injuries for me. I suffered from a broken pelvis, an ankle, a rib, and other minor injuries from that. So many things were going on in my mind. Will I be able to walk again? Am I going to live? The surgeon was telling me that I was going to have two days' worth of operation for just my pelvis. They were going to be day long surgeries, and I probably would not have any sensation on my outer hip where they would be making their incision. So, I was worried. While all that was going on, I found out that my health insurance had been cancelled. It was probably about a week into my hospital stay, and Susan miraculously was able to have my medical insurance reinstated, which subsequently saved me hundreds and thousands of dollars on my medical bills, on top of what my medical bills were already. So I'm very grateful for that. She came to visit me at the hospital, and she actually visited me, I believe, three times. Most attorneys don't do that, so she was sitting with me, and some of my family was there. She was watching me take my first steps, and trying to guide me so that I don't have to worry about the insurance, or the money portion, or anything like that. She was just wanting me to focus on getting better. I didn't know what to do. I called Susan crying, freaking out about what I was going to do. She was like, "Don't worry about it, we'll handle it." So if it wasn't for her, I'm not sure where I would have gone, but she definitely helped me out, finding a handicap friendly residence, and made it so I didn't have to worry about anything. We did have to file a claim because they didn't want to give us a fair settlement, so we filed a claim. It was a long time coming. She fought hard for this one, and a week before it became time to go to trial, they finally offered up a settlement. My settlement was fairly large. I was very happy with it. I did not want to go to trial, it would've just been long and drawn out, so I was very happy with the result. I was able to buy a home. I'm going to be able to send my daughter to college. I was able to take some time off and travel, so [laughs], I think it was a pretty fair settlement, and I'm pretty comfortable. Overall I'm very happy with my settlement. I would absolutely recommend Susan for anyone that's unfortunate enough to encounter a serious accident, because she is with you from point A to Z. You can count on her. She will fight for you, no matter what. She's fair, she's a great communicator. In my opinion she's the best. If I happen to encounter something again, God forbid, [laughs], she's the first person I'm calling. But I would absolutely 100% recommend Susan.

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